The Red Rider – Kickstarter Update #6

The Red Rider – Kickstarter Update #6

“Unfortunate Circumstances”

After over a year in development we regret to inform you all that due to extenuating circumstances we have had to cancel production of The Red Rider. The film as it stands will be canned and we will be unable to return any funding…

JK! April Fools!

We do however have some great progress to report. This last weekend marks the very first time that Chet and I (Josh) feel The Red Rider can stand on its own two legs. We’ve reached the point in editing where we don’t have to give a list of disclaimers when we show it to people. To give you an idea of what we have left to do, we are still working on the sound mix as it is integral to telling this story, and it will still be a lot of work. In addition, we still need to go through the film and make it pretty with color correction.
Beyond that, we are essentially finished! We’ve crested the hill and we are coasting now. We still have to steer but it’s not a battle anymore! So, WHY has it taken this long? Fantastic question! Lets just say we COMPLETELY underestimated the amount of time it would take to film this. Weekends and working with everyones schedule when there is little to no pay involved is a dicey operation.
Second… An this is the big one we didn’t tell anyone till just now: in the middle of filming I was riding home from work on my motorcycle (the very one our hero uses in the film) and a car pulled directly into my path causing a major collision. The bike was completely totaled, impounded, and I had a broken arm and sustained back injuries. Beyod taking time to heal, the main co-star of the film (the motorcycle) was completely ruined. So we had to rewrite and reshoot much of the film. Our original plan of creating a 3 part series may not be possible now but what you helped kickstart is still being made (and finished as we speak)!
We are quite happy with the revisions regardless of the circumstance and are quite proud of what we’ve managed to salvage. Everyone we’ve show it to so far is very impressed and when it is finished we know you will be too.
Thank you so much for sticking with us through this and we are so excited to finally reward you all soon… ish. ;)

Joshua Brown Fury Films

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